Christian Kath Obituary, Gympie family dies in plane crash, police hunt father – Death

Christian Kath Obituary, Gympie family dies in plane crash, police hunt father - Death

Christian Kath and Misty Kath Death, Obituary – The deaths of a mother and daughter from Queensland have been confirmed to have resulted from a light plane crash that occurred in the United States. There is a shrinking possibility that the family’s patriarch, who was also the pilot, would be found alive. According to the Venice Police Department in Florida, the plane in which Christian Kath, 42, his wife Misty Kath, 43, and their daughter Lily, 12, were traveling crashed into the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday night. Christian and Misty Kath had been married for 12 years. Christian Kath was a native of the town of Gympie. Misty Kath was a native of the state of Oklahoma. Lily hailed all the way from Oklahoma.

A second daughter, Harper, who was 10 years old at the time, did not travel on the plane and, as a result, did not die along with the rest of her family. Ms. Kath and the couple’s daughter, who was 12 years old at the time, have been found dead, but Mr. Kath has not yet been located. Due to the fact that the accident occurred not long after takeoff, investigators are under the impression that the family had chartered the airplane. Mr. Kath had only recently obtained his pilot’s license, and at the beginning of this year, he marked the occasion of his first flight during which there were no passengers by posting about it on social media.

Authorities were not made aware of the tragedy until the body of Ms. Kath was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico early on Sunday morning, according to Chief Charles Thorpe of the Venice Police Department, who stated that the authorities were not informed of the tragedy until that time. After that, the Federal Aviation Administration called the police to report that a rented plane had never come back, which prompted the police to begin looking for the plane that had disappeared. After that, the police began looking for the plane that had disappeared.
Chief Thorpe has stated that there was no mayday call placed prior to the collision.

On Sunday afternoon, the body of the daughter was found and recovered, along with the single-engine Piper Cherokee that had been reported missing earlier in the day. As part of the ongoing search for Mr. Kath, the police and other search boats have expanded their search area to include an area that is 13 square kilometers in size and is located to the south of where they believe the plane went down.

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