Chris Dahl Obituary Minnesota, Chris Dahl Funeral Notice – Death

Chris Dahl Obituary Minnesota, Chris Dahl Funeral Notice - Death

Chris Dahl Obituary, Death –  On Tuesday, November 22, 2018, Christopher Alan Dahl, 53, who resided in Prior Lake, Minnesota, passed away unexpectedly. On Monday, December 5th, beginning at 11am, there will be a Celebration of Life held at Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church in Prior Lake (3611 North Berens Road NW). The visitation will begin at 9:30 am and continue until 11:00 am before the service. Following the conclusion of the service, Chris’s burial will take place at the St. Michael Catholic Cemetery in Prior Lake. A memorial service honoring Chris’s life will be held at Brackett’s Crossing in Lakeville, Minnesota, immediately after the church service and continuing throughout the afternoon. All of Chris’s friends are invited to attend. Chris’s life journey with Taryn, the love of his life, together with their children, PJ and Briarleigh, and his little sister and best friend, Jenny, whom he has cherished from the moment she was born, would be at the very top of his list of greatest accomplishments if you were to ask him to rank them in order of importance if you were to ask him to list his greatest accomplishments. Family meant the world to him more than anything else in the world.

Chris gave his complete attention and focus to his family. He would spend every spare moment attending his children’s sporting events, where he would cheer them on and encourage them in their endeavors. He was always the first one in the car when they went to practice, training sessions, or competitions that were held outside of their state. Chris never missed a game, and he was frequently found on the sidelines filming all of the action that was going on. Chris’s unique ability to bring people together was a direct result of his contagious enthusiasm, which he shared with everyone he met. Chris was able to get permission to live broadcast the games during COVID, when spectators were not permitted to attend the sporting events of their children or grandchildren. He did so with running commentary, which was much to the appreciation of the parents and grandparents. Chris was familiar with the players on both teams, and his color commentary was filled with humorous anecdotes, interesting facts, and statistical information. Because of the immense popularity of his broadcasts, his audience started expanding beyond the confines of the Twin Cities and began to include family members who lived in different parts of the United States.

Chris had two speeds from the moment he took his first steps: fast forward and even faster forward. He spent his youth competing in sports such as baseball, swimming, and football; riding his pony; camping and hiking in the mountains; and sleeping among grizzlies. Chris exhibited an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm as he grew older. Chris did not cease moving. He consistently made a variety of ways to advance. If one strategy was unsuccessful, he would move on to the next. Chris continued his education at Pepperdine University immediately following his graduation from Northfield High School. Even though he had never played hockey at a high level before, he made the decision to try out for the college team while he was still attending Pepperdine. When he was at home for vacation, he would join the high school team for practices whenever he could. In the end, he was selected to play for Pepperdine. During that season, they were victorious in their division and earned a spot in the Los Angeles King’s Dome!

After graduating, Chris immediately found work in the food industry, where he was responsible for developing innovative ideas for improving the quality of the customer experience. There, he was accountable for the conception of contemporary walk-in beer coolers and refrigerator cases as well as their implementation. Additionally, he was involved in the creation of Eatzi’s, a new eatery concept with a European flavor that was featured on the cover of a professional industry magazine. In the year 2000, Pepperdine University made Chris an offer for a teaching position in the field of marketing. Instead, he went to work for Trystar, a relatively new manufacturing company that was just getting started. There, Chris’s strategic vision was brought to fruition as he began to develop and introduce to the market one-of-a-kind portable power equipment and micro-grid energy systems, ultimately becoming a leader in his industry.

2019 marked the beginning of Chris’s next adventure. He enrolled in the Carlson School of Management, where he was able to achieve outstanding results in their leadership and entrepreneurial classes. In addition to that, he was one of the founding partners of The Points North Group, which is a family office that oversees private equity investments and has the long-term goal of offering strategic sales, marketing, and operations consulting services to other financial investment groups.

The love and dedication that Chris and Taryn have consistently shown to one another and to their two children, Briarleigh and PJ, will undoubtedly be reflected in the family values that Chris and Taryn have passed on to their offspring. Chris is survived by his wife of 27 years, Taryn Dahl; his children, Palmer (PJ) and Briarleigh Dahl; his sister Jennifer Cross and her children, Aislynn and Benjamin Cross; his parents, Rick and Pam Dahl; his mother-in-law and father-in-law, Barb and Eric Saunders; his brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Drew and Monica Saunders; and their children, Quinn and Grant Saunders; his mother-in-law and father Ballard-Sunder Funeral Services of Prior Lake, Minnesota, is in charge of the arrangements at this time.

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