Charles Keith Obituary, Saltville, Va, Charles Keith Has Died – Death

Charles Keith Obituary

Charles Keith Death, Obituary – Charles Keith, who had lived in Chilhowie, Virginia all his life and had reached the age of 70 when he passed away on December 3, 2022, and went on to be with Jesus in heaven,
His childhood was spent in the town of Saltville, Virginia, and he received his high school education at Rich Valley, from where he graduated with the class of 1970.

His loving parents, Flora and Allen Keith, as well as his son, Chuck A. Keith, passed away before he did. He was the youngest of three children. Everyone there will mourn his passing in their own unique ways. He attended the Chilhowie Baptist Church, where he became acquainted with a large number of wonderful individuals who were always willing to lend a hand. Both Virginia House Furniture, where he worked for many years, and American Furniture, where he worked for a number of years, both of which closed their doors while he was still employed there, are referred to as the “furniture stores.”

Because he was such an avid photographer, you could never be sure whether he would ask to take your picture or simply take one of you with his camera or mobile phone if you were around him for an extended period of time. If you were around him for an extended period of time, you could never be sure if he would ask to take your picture or simply take one of you. He really enjoyed seeing hummingbirds in the environments in which they normally live.
Going up to White Top and singing old hymns to himself while taking in the scenery was a lot of fun for him. He had a lot of fun doing it.

It is likely that you will find him cheering for the Chilhowie Warriors on a regular basis, both on the football field and in the gymnasium, which is where the Lady Warriors play their games. Charles made it the mission of his life to declare his love for his savior in a manner that was both vociferous and proud. This was the driving force behind everything he did. Every time you were in his presence, he would talk about the Lord and how he desired for everyone he came into contact with to be saved, most importantly his children and grandchildren, so that he could one day be reunited with them in heaven. When it came to praying for his children and grandchildren, he never missed a beat or a beat beat.

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