Carol Berry Obituary, Carol Berry has died – Death

Carol Berry Obituary, Carol Berry has died - Death

Carol Berry Obituary, Death –¬†Carol Berry, who had reached the age of 70 at the time of her untimely departure in 2022, was taken from this world on Sunday, December 4, 2022. Her passing was a tragedy. Carol went away peacefully and was attended to by her loyal family and friend up till the very end of her life. Carol was held in the utmost esteem not just by her own family but also by a sizeable number of the people she had met throughout her life, including a substantial number of friends and coworkers.

She would always bring Paul and Tilly along with her on her trips in her caravan, and she would do so anytime she had the opportunity to do so. She would never pass up an opportunity to do so. When Carol is not off on one of her many travels, you may find her tending to her pristine garden, reading a novel from a popular mystery series, or reminiscing about the good old days at Trebor.
At the Brimington Crematorium on the 19th of December in the year 2022, there will be a funeral service held at 1:50 in the afternoon.

The date and year are in the year 2022. The memorial service will be held in honor of the person who has passed away. We respectfully request that you limit your floral offerings to those that come from the family, and we will communicate very soon specifics regarding how to make gifts. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Carol’s go-to color was yellow, and she wore it often in the hopes that others would take notice of her bright mood and good outlook on life, and that they would adopt those attributes for themselves. One of Carol’s objectives was supposed to be the successful completion of this undertaking.

In addition to this, she wished for everyone to mark the event by celebrating it with a party as soon as it was completed (after all, going to exciting parties was one of her very favorite things to do!). The one thing Carol hoped for more than anything else in the world was that whenever someone toasted Carol’s memory by raising a glass and recalling fondly of the times they had spent together, they would do so with a beaming smile on their face.

This was Carol’s greatest wish. The Fox and Hounds, which can be found on Marsh Lane, is where all of this will take place, and it is there that you will be able to find all of this action taking place. Get happy because Chip Cobs, which is her all-time favorite dish, is going to be served because that is the item that is going to be served.

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