Carmen Parmer Obituary, Upper Chichester, Carmen Lee Parmer Has Died At Age 66 – Death

Carmen Lee Parmer

Carmen Lee Parmer Death, Obituary –¬†Carmen Lee Parmer, who lived in Upper Chichester and had reached the age of 66 at the time of her dying, was suddenly snatched from this world on December 3, 2022. Her passing came as a complete and utter shock. The majority of Carmen’s formal schooling took place during her formative years in Norwood, Pennsylvania, which she called home throughout the entirety of her childhood. Following his departure from Norwood, he relocated to East Landsdowne, Pennsylvania, where he purchased a new residence and resided for the better part of thirty years following his arrival there.

After relocating there, he decided to remain in that location. During his time in the Air Force, Carmen was a person of impeccable moral character who provided excellent service to the United States of America. He had the highest regard for his nation and was prepared to lay down his life for it. His place of employment was in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is located within the state of Pennsylvania. He was a limo driver for the company Metropolis Passenger Logistics, and his place of employment was there.

Carmen looked forward to nothing more than tuning in to the action on the History Channel and educating himself on the most recent advances in scientific research whenever he had some free time. This was his absolute favorite way to pass the time. He would tell me that there was nothing else in the world that he would rather be doing whenever he had the chance. Carmen was a phenomenal chef with a lot of experience.

His family was the one thing in the entire world that meant the most to Carmen, and he will be deeply missed by each and every one of his family. The late Lee Parmer and his late wife Evelyn had a son who they honored by calling after themselves, Carmen. Both of these people have since passed away. Before their kid was born, Evelyn Parmer and Lee Parmer, the couple’s parents, both passed away.

The identities of the members of this family are as follows: Wife Kathleen Parmer, Wendy Connell, Chad Parmer, Christine Worthington, Matthew Parmer, Danielle Parmer, and Patrick Parmer. Matthew Parmer played the role of Andrea, Wendy Connell played the role of Bob, Chad Parmer played the role of Amy, Christine Worthington played the role of Rob, and Chad Parmer played the role of Amy. His sister Felicia Karalis (Mark), in addition to a sizeable number of nieces and nephews, is one of the many family he leaves behind after he passes away. In addition, he has a number of other relatives, including eleven grandkids, four great grandchildren, and a variety of other relations.

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