Bridie Leonard Obituary, Learn more about Bridie Leonard Death

Bridie Leonard Obituary, Learn more about Bridie Leonard Death

Bridie Leonard Obituary, Death – We are saddened to inform you of the passing of our beloved friend Bridie Leonard, and it is with a heavy heart that we do so. Bridie was a wonderful girl with a charming personality who was able to put a smile on anyone’s face at any moment. She could do this no matter where she was or what she was doing. During this sad time, we want the family and friends of Bridie to know that you have our deepest condolences.

Bridie McShane (née Clarke), who went away on Friday, January 8, 2021, was taken from this world suddenly. We are passing along the news of her departure with a heavy heart and a lot of grief. She was the surviving spouse of the late John McShane, the mother of the late Marilyn (Blair), and the grandmother of the late Violet, Carol, and Sheila. Her three daughters came before her in death.

Her grandchildren Louis, Anthony (Robyn), Shane, Tyrone, Jenna (Chancey), Josh, Jessica, Leslie Ann (Nicole), Trevor, Bass, Esau, and Shawn are the only ones to survive her. She is survived by her grandchildren. In addition, she is predeceased by her great-grandchildren Leslie Ann (Nicole), Bass, Esau, and Tammy. Our extended family now includes great-great-grandchildren Joseph, Cassidy, Jonathan, Christian, Peyton (Jessica), Kingsley, Tyson, Michelle, and Kayla. Emma, our great-great-granddaughter, is the newest addition to this group. She is a spiritual sister to Fernanda Jean, as well as an aunt to Adele Jean and Brenda Jean, both of whom love and adore her. Her extended family and numerous friends come from all over the world.

Because of the limitations imposed by COVID-19, attendance at the viewing and the burial service is restricted to those who have been extended an invitation. Those who are unable to physically attend the funeral service that is being performed at the funeral home can view a live stream of the event that is being held there. On Friday, January 15, 2021 at 12:45 p.m., we will begin streaming the funeral service live online, and we would be honored if you could join us then.

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