Brian Chilton Obituary, A Cold War Submarine Veteran Has Died – Death

Brian Chilton Obituary

Brian Edward Chilton Death, Obituary – Brian Edward Chilton, a soldier of the Cold War who served in a submarine, passed away in his house on December 4, 2022 at the age of 53. He was the oldest person in his family. During this time, he had been active duty in the navy. He was the child of James Edward Chilton and Sandra L. (Windels) Chilton, who welcomed him into the world on February 23, 1969 in the city of Evansville, Indiana. In his family, he was the only child ever born. On November 2, 2002, he wed Lori Ann Griffin, who is still alive to this day.

The wedding took place in Florida. The wedding did take place, and she has not yet passed away. During the time that Brian served in the United States Navy, he was given a job aboard a submarine, and while he was there, he participated in the military operation known as Desert Storm. As an electrician, he was employed with Alexander Electric for a significant number of years throughout that time period. Both the Mitchell Fire Department and the American Legion Post No. 250 counted him as a member at one point in his life. Additionally, he was a member of the American Legion.

The Bride of Christ Fellowship became Brian’s place of worship after he was guided there by his many religious affiliations. He offered his time to work as a coach for kids baseball, basketball, and football leagues in addition to coaching football at the junior varsity and varsity levels. In addition, he coached football at the junior varsity level. In addition to that, he was a football coach for students in grades junior high and below.

The great outdoors was one of Brian’s favorite places to spend time, and he did a range of outdoor sports there, including racing, fishing, and hunting. As a result of his influence, the lives of the students he taught, the adolescents in the neighborhood, and even the lives of his own children, family, and pets were dramatically impacted. He had a positive impact on all of these groups of people. His mother Mary Elizabeth Chilton of Newburg, his father James Edward Chilton of Newburg, his brother Stephen Chilton (Tammy) of Brownsburg, his in-laws Andy and Debbie Pemberton of Mitchell, as well as a number of nieces and nephews, all survive him. His children Kyle Chilton, who resides in St. Joseph, Missouri; Logan Greene, who resides in Speedway; Hayden Chilton, who resides in Mitchell; and Carter Chilton, who resides in Mitchell; as well as his grandchildren Vincent Chilton, Joel Chilton, Skylar Chilton, and Jasper Chilton; as well as his in-laws, who reside in Newburgh.


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