Brandon Rodriguez Obituary, West Lafayette Indiana, has died – Death

Brandon Rodriguez Obituary, West Lafayette Indiana, has died - Death

Brandon Rodriguez Obituary, Death –¬†Brandon R. Rodriguez, a 41-year-old man from Howell, Michigan, took the road less traveled quite a bit and as a result, he had a wonderful life full with events in which he delighted. On Friday, May 7, 2021, he was taken to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor Emergency Room after a car crash left him with fatal injuries. A child born to Kim Koeshall and Richard Rodriguez on July 18, 1979, in Douglas, Wyoming, he quickly won the affection of everybody who encountered him.

His mother and stepfather, Roger Koeshall, and sisters, Linette Aden and Christina Rodriguez, raised him in Little Chute, Wisconsin. Brandon was a curious and loving little boy, always finding stray cats to feed and taking good care of the family dogs. Early on, he became fixated on baseball, idolizing Ken Griffey Jr. and A-Rod and collecting their trading cards in the hopes of one day joining their ranks. Together with the youngsters from the neighborhood and his small sister, who followed him everywhere, he played football in the street.

He worked hard at basketball because he aspired to be as good as Mike. In school, he played sports and was someone everyone was drawn to. Mark Janssen, a young educator, truly took him under his wing and mentored him when he hit a bad patch in his life while he was a high school student. In the years after high school, Mark emerged as a close buddy. This support and camaraderie was crucial in keeping him on the correct path as he entered adulthood.

When he was in high school, he worked at Menard’s, and once he graduated, he got a job at Wells Fargo in Racine. The last decade of his life were spent working in finance at CNH Industrial Capital, where he found his ideal job. He was completely enamored with the opportunities for growth and achievement that this position presented. And he especially cherished his close-knit circle of coworkers, dealers, and farmers with whom he kept in constant contact and whom he frequently visited while on the road and who were like family to him.

Brandon and Megan Kish, both from Brighton, Michigan, tied the knot in a small ceremony on a beach in Mexico on November 26th, 2007. On August 8th, 2009, the world welcomed McKenna Marie Rodriguez, the light of Brandon’s life. When they lived in Kenosha, Wisconsin, he delighted in showing her the Milwaukee Brewers, and later, when they moved to Michigan, he introduced her to the Detroit Tigers.

As a parent, he dedicated himself to teaching McKenna about the world. Together they paddle boarded across the Great Lakes and other lakes and trekked on whatever paths they could discover with the help of his drone. He enjoyed documenting and posting pictures from their travels on social media. They have fond memories of their travels to Pictured Rocks, Grand Haven, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and most recently, Washington, DC, during Spring Break this year.

There were many more excursions scheduled, but the main one to Iceland was set for 2022. They enjoyed making each other laugh with silly jokes, playing, singing, and dancing to fantastic music, going to Lions and Tigers games, and spending nights in, cuddled up with their good boy, dog, Mickey, watching movies or sports on TV. Brandon was overjoyed by the fact that his daughter was an early and exceptional reader and excelled at all sports in which she participated.

With her enthusiasm for the sport and her resolve to always do her best, McKenna made him proud. In school productions or talent competitions, he would shine whenever she took the stage with her voice. To this day, she remains his one true love. In July 2015, Brandon finally got to meet his biological father, Bill Herrera of Rapid City, South Dakota, and his two other siblings, Ben Herrera and Stacy Malsom, after years of searching. His connection with them, which was already so deep and profound, deepened into a meaningful bond with his other brothers, including Billy Herrera.

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