Bradley Smith Obituary, Bradley Smith Has Sadly Passed Away At Age 62

Bradley Smith Obituary, Bradley Smith Has Sadly Passed Away At Age 62

Bradley Smith Death, Obituary – Bradley A. Smith, who had reached the age of 62 and had been born in the city of Cortland, New York, passed away on November 28, 2022 in the city of Webster, New York. Bradley A. Smith was buried in the city of Cortland, New York. It was on May 5th, 1960, in the city of Cortland, New York, that George C. and Elaine Pierce Smith were pleased to share the news that their son Brad had been born into the world. He received his high school diploma from Homer Central High School in 1978 and his bachelor’s degree from SUNY Geneseo in 1982.

He went on to become a successful businessman. He attended SUNY Geneseo, where he earned a degree in speech communication with a concentration in public relations as a minor. Brad had a long and fruitful career in the production of television and radio in the cities of Rochester, New York, and Austin, Texas, respectively. Both of these cities are located in the United States. On the morning show that airs on WXHC 101.5 in Homer, New York, not too long ago, they talked about him. While he was employed at SSO LLC, he rose through the ranks to become the team supervisor for the company.

When we spoke, he was working as a host at WXXI in Rochester, where the show was being broadcast from. When Brad relocates out of the area, only his wife Suzanne, his two children Adam and Danielle, and his daughter Danielle are left behind in Webster, New York. Because his children were the source of the greatest happiness in his life, he devoted himself completely to the role of parenthood toward them. When Brad and his family got together in front of the television to watch a game of either the New York Yankees or the Buffalo Bills, there was never a dull moment in the house.

In addition to that, he and Adam had a great time spending time together watching the games that the Syracuse football and basketball teams competed in.

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