Bob McGrath Obituary, Learn More About Bob McGrath Death

Bob McGrath Obituary, Learn More About Bob McGrath Death

Bob McGrath Obituary, Death – Bob McGrath. The first day of life was May 1, 1954, and the city of Chicago, Illinois, was the location of the birth. The day of death is the 23rd of May in the year 2022, and the location is Woodstock in the state of Illinois. Bob McGrath, also known as “Brother Bob” or “UB,” passed away on May 23, 2022, after a valiant battle against cancer. He was 68 years old at the time of his passing and lived in Woodstock, New York. He had been fighting the disease for a number of years at that point. He had been fighting the ailment for a considerable amount of time at that point.

Bob McGrath was devoted to his hobby of operating ham radios, and it was through this interest that he was able to contact with a large number of the people he considered to be his closest friends. In addition to going on adventures, one of Robert’s favorite things to do was to construct towers. He also enjoyed going on adventures. Bob McGrath was employed full-time by the Union Pacific Railroad for a combined total of 32 years during and after his time spent working as a nurse for McHenry County, which lasted for a total of 25 years.

He amassed a combined total of sixty-four years of work experience while employed by both of these companies. He is survived by his brother, James (Tina) McGrath; his sister, Mary (Brian) Knoll; his nephew and best friend, Robert Thompson; his fiancé, Kelly Riggs; her children, Wayne (Rose) Andersen and Shawn Andersen; as well as his aunts Maureen, Patricia, and Marilyn, as well as his uncle Larry.

He is also survived by his fiancé, Kelly Riggs, whose children Wayne (Ro Additionally, he is survived by the woman he was engaged to, Kelly Riggs, as well as her children Wayne (Ro) and Grief will manifest itself in a myriad of different forms for those who were fortunate enough to have known and loved him. His mother, Maureen McGrath, and a considerable number of his aunts and uncles had already passed away before he was born. Additionally, his grandmother had also passed away before he was born. In his family, he was the only child ever born.

In addition, the family would like to use this opportunity to extend their gratitude to the Smith family for the exceptional care that they gave. The family would like to extend their appreciation to Advocate Good Shepherd Hospice for the high-quality care that they gave to their loved one. Without your support, there is no way in hell that we would have been able to make it through that perilous journey.

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