Bathian Mason Obituary, Learn More About Bathian Mason Death

Bathian Mason Obituary, Learn More About Bathian Mason Death

Bathian Mason Obituary, Death – The community of Grand Rapids Public Schools is in mourning following the passing of a City High Middle School coach who had served there for many years. The tragic death of Coach Bathian Mason was the result of a medical incident that took place on Wednesday morning. For over a decade, he served as a coach for pupils attending City Middle School. A alumnus of GRPS, Coach Mason devoted his time during the academic year to mentoring student-athletes in the sports of volleyball, girls’ and boys’ basketball, and track & field.

The previous week was the most recent time that he was seen on the court coaching students. “He was always there doing it for the right reasons supporting GRPS and promoting middle school athletics,” said Brodie Larson, who is the GRPS Middle School Athletics Coordinator. “He had that desire and passion to help the student-athletes be better in their sport, and he did so with a lot of energy and enthusiasm… The children looked up to him.

During Coach Mason’s tenure at GRPS, the children he coached went on to become successful athletes in high school and beyond, and Coach Mason was able to win several tournament championships during his time there. The scholars that Coach Mason mentored are having a difficult time coming to terms with the news that he has passed away. Mr. Larson remarked that he was taken aback by the event. The vast majority of the children they were speechless. They simply could not believe what they were hearing.

The basketball game that was supposed to take place between City and Grand Rapids University Prep on Wednesday afternoon has been rescheduled. This was done to give the students and staff more time to come to terms with the loss. The match will take place on Friday at 4 o’clock in the afternoon at City. Wednesday evening saw a letter from the City High Middle School administration sent to families’ homes. In the days that are to come, there will be support professionals available to scholars who require further support.

According to GRPS Superintendent Leadriane Roby, Ph.D., “This is a great loss for our community, and we are all hurting.” “While we go through this sadness, we will also appreciate all that Coach Mason done to enrich the lives of our young people,” said one member of the group. His dedication to our students is an inspiration to each and every one of us as we carry on his legacy.

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