Bailey Passarella Obituary, Lubbock Texas, Bailey Passarella has died – Death

Bailey Passarella Obituary, Lubbock Texas, Bailey Passarella has died - Death

Bailey Passarella Obituary, Death –¬†Bailey Passarella, who passed away on December 20, 2009 and was a resident of Round Rock, Texas, was discovered to have been 76 years old when she passed away, as shown by the findings of an inquiry that was conducted after her passing, according to the findings of the investigation. The following information was discovered on the death of Bailey Passarella: On June 1st, 1933, Barbara Clements entered this world in the city of New Orleans, which is located within the state of Louisiana.

Barbara Clements was born on that day. Since the birth of their daughter, both of her parents, Thomas Clements and Nora Clements, have died away and are now with their daughter in the next life. Since the birth of their daughter, the Clements family has been complete. Since the arrival of their child into the world, both of the girl’s parents have transitioned on to the next life and are now with their daughter there.

Due to the fact that their mother, Barbara, has passed away, the girls are the ones who are now in a position to proceed with the subsequent stages of their lives. Michelle Beals, Beverly Rhymaun, Sharon Passarella, Susan Schroeder, and Brian, Susan Schroeder’s husband, along with Susie Sowell, are the ones who are able to move on with their lives following the death of their mother. Susie Sowell is also able to carry on with her life. Beverly Rhymaun and Susie Schroeder’s husband Brian are also able to carry on with their lives.

Only one of the five children, Susie Sowell, is capable of functioning normally in the absence of their mother. Susie Sowell, the youngest of her three daughters, is the only one of the three who has not yet found the person she will spend the rest of her life with. Elizabeth Rhymaun, Michael Beals, Christopher Rhymaun, Jason Beals, Jake Passarella, Abbey Passarella, Brice Schroeder, Bailey Passarella, and Blaine Schroe are her grandchildren, and their names are as follows.

Her great-grandchildren are called Christopher Rhymaun and Jason Beals, and their names are both Christopher. Elizabeth Rhymaun and Christopher Rhymaun are the names of the great-grandchildren she has inherited from her daughter. Additionally, she is the grandmother of great-great-grandchildren. Before Barbara was even conceived, both her mother’s husband, Robert Douglas Sparks, and her father-in-law, Richard M. Sowell, had passed away. Barbara’s mother was married to Robert Douglas Sparks. Her late father-in-name law’s was Barbara’s inspiration for her name. In addition to her father, her mother had passed away before she was born.

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