Aubrey Malphurs Obituary, Native Of Gainesville FL has died – Death

Aubrey Malphurs Obituary, Native Of Gainesville FL has died - Death

Aubrey Malphurs Obituary, Death – An notice on Dr. Aubrey Malphurs’s passing was made today by the board of directors and leadership of The Malphurs Group. Dr. Aubrey Malphurs was the founder of the company and passed away yesterday at the age of 78. After being born on February 20th, 1944 in Gainesville, Florida, Aubrey Milton Malphurs spent his youth there. His birthday is February 20th. Dr. Malphurs received his schooling at Dallas Theological Seminary, which was his college of choice (ThM, 1978; PhD, 1981).

He was known to have a friendly attitude and a dry sense of humor, and he was an avid follower of the football team that represented the University of Florida, the Florida Gators. His genuine goodwill toward others and his unassuming nature earned him the respect and admiration of his family and friends. Dr. Malphurs was noted for his calm attitude and his tendency to listen more than he spoke, despite the enormous acclaim he gained for his work as an author and public speaker.

Despite this, Dr. Malphurs was praised for his work in both of these fields. Everyone who worked at The Malphurs Group will grievously miss his constant presence, quick wit, and giving heart. Throughout the four decades that Aubrey Malphurs devoted to his ministry, he was able to have an impact on an incalculable number of pastors located all over the world. He inspired thousands of students over his 38 years of teaching at Dallas Theological Seminary, where he worked as a professor.

During that time, he was there. However, through his prolific writing and consulting ministry, he was able to have an even greater impact on thousands upon thousands of additional people. Our group takes solace in the fact that Dr. Malphurs is now a part of the “great throng of witnesses” spoken of in the Bible and is currently rooting for us along with his Savior. This provides us with a source of encouragement. While we honor his legacy by providing churches and pastors with the tools necessary to make disciples of Jesus and help them mature in their faith, we find comfort in the knowledge that Dr. Malphurs has joined what is known as the “great crowd of witnesses.”

Even as we grieve for his family and miss our friend and co-worker in the Gospel, we are encouraged by the fact that the work that he started decades ago in educating pastors and serving churches continues to make an impact on a global scale. Every year, the Malphurs Group lends a helping hand to hundreds of pastors all around the world by providing them with content, training, speaking engagements, and on-site consultancy.

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