Athena Strands Obituary, Athena Strands Has Sadly Passed Away At Age 7 – Death

Athena Strands Obituary

Athena Strands Death, Obituary – A FEDEX driver was arrested and put into custody following the tragic discovery of the cause of death of a child called ATHENA STRANDS, who was seven years old. He has acknowledged that he is to fault for all that took place. Athena was taken captive by a FedEx delivery driver, who, according to the authorities, is currently detaining her against her will. The authorities had a strong suspicion that she passed away not long after they brought her into custody, which was approximately an hour after she had already passed away. This gives rise to the phrase “she passed away shortly after we took her into custody.

” It has been determined that her skeletal remains were discovered at the site in question. The body of the deceased person is currently being transported to the office of the medical examiner so that they can ascertain the cause (or causes) of death suffered by the individual who has passed away. When they get there, they are going to do an autopsy. Tanner Lynn Horner, age 31, a FedEx driver from Lake Worth, is currently serving time for the murder. He committed the crime in May of this year. It is said that he admitted to having committed the crime when he was being held in detention for another offense.

In relation to the event, he is being charged with first-degree murder in addition to kidnapping with aggravation as a felony of the same degree as the murder charge against him. Due to the fact that his bail was set at $1.5 million, he is currently being held in custody pending the outcome of the legal proceedings. The police allege that they have video evidence in this case and that Horner took Athena from her lengthy driveway when he was delivering a box to the house where she lived. The police are investigating this case as a possible kidnapping. The authorities have stated that they have this evidence and that they have been conducting an investigation into this matter.

At this time, the circumstances being investigated by the authorities are being treated as though they involve a possible kidnapping.

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