Athena Strand Obituary, 7-year-old Texas girl has been found dead after reportedly missing – Death

Athena Strand Obituary, 7-year-old Texas girl has been found dead after reportedly missing - Death

Athena Strand Obituary, Death –  Two days after a 7-year-old girl from Texas was reported missing, her body was discovered and a FedEx delivery driver has been arrested in connection with her death, according to the authorities. Tanner Lynn Horner, 31, was arrested on kidnapping and murder charges after confessing to killing the girl and telling authorities where to find her body, according to the Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin. The body of Athena Strand was discovered on Friday, and Tanner Lynn Horner was arrested on those charges. On Saturday, Horner remained in jail while his bond was set at $1.5 million. The records from the jail did not include the name of an attorney who could represent him. A tip led authorities to Horner, who the sheriff said had made a delivery to the girl’s home shortly before she disappeared, according to Akin, who stated this during a news conference that took place late on Friday night.

According to Akin, Horner was not familiar with the girl’s family; however, Akin declined to comment on a possible motivation for the crime. Akin stated that “we really can’t get into the content of the confession,” but they do have a confession from Horner. “I will say that we have a confession,” Horner said. Wednesday was the day that the girl’s stepmother reported that she had not been seen since leaving the family home near Paradise, which is located on the northwest edge of the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area. According to Akin, her dead body was discovered close to the community of Boyd, which is located approximately 6 miles southeast of Paradise, which has a population of approximately 475 people.

FedEx is said to have been cooperative with the investigation, according to James Dwyer, the acting special agent in charge of the FBI’s Dallas field office. In a statement, FedEx stated that it is collaborating with various law enforcement agencies that are looking into the case. According to the statement, “our thoughts are with the family of Athena Strand during this most difficult time.” (Our thoughts are with the family of Athena Strand) Our disbelief and anguish at what has transpired is indescribable; there are no adequate words to express them.

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