Arthur Boisseau Obituary, Arthur Boisseau has died – Death

Arthur Boisseau Obituary, Arthur Boisseau has died - Death

Arthur Boisseau Obituary, Death – The Ayer Police Department wants everyone to be aware of some extremely distressing news they have received. We are saddened to inform everyone that Arthur J. Boisseau, a retired chief who had lived in Ayer for his whole life, passed away not too long ago. Mr. Boisseau had spent his entire life in Ayer. Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones during this difficult time.

During the course of his career, which began in 1961 when he was taken on as a Special Officer for the department, Chief Boisseau served the Town of Ayer with more than 35 years of service. He began his time with the police as a Special Officer. In the latter part of that year, he was appointed as a Full Time Officer for the Town, and the following year, in 1974, he was elevated to the rank of Sergeant within the department. Both of these promotions took place within the police department.

In 1976, Chief Boisseau was promoted to the position of Lieutenant / Investigator, and in 1982, he was promoted once more to the position of Lieutenant of the Department, making him the highest-ranking officer in the department at the time. In both of these promotions, Chief Boisseau was recognized for his outstanding leadership and dedication to the department. It was in 1992 when he was given the title of Chief of Police, and he continued to serve in that capacity all the way up until 1996.

Chief Boisseau was a member of the United States Navy who served on the USS Silverstein as a Quartermaster 3rd Class Petty Officer during the Korean War (1952–1956). He did this service from 1952 to 1956. This service was held some time between the years 1952 and 1956. This occurred prior to him being appointed Chief of Police for the Town of Ayer, where he currently serves. In addition, Chief Boisseau was the primary mover in relocating the Police Department from the first floor of the town hall to its current position, which he spearheaded and oversaw single-handedly.

Because of Chief Boisseau, this maneuver was able to be carried out. On the day of the interment, which will take place on Saturday, December 10th, the officers of the Ayer Police Department will wear black mourning bands until the sun goes down, and flags will be flown at half-staff at all town buildings. In order to bring the Ayer Police Department into the 21st century, he worked in concert with the elected officials and residents of the town to acquire the resources and support that were essential to accomplishing this goal. The burial will take place as planned.

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