Anne O’Hagan Obituary, Wife To Former Player Desertmartin GAC Has Passed Away – Death

Anne O'Hagan Obituary

Anne O’Hagan Death, Obituary – The club would like to extend its most sincere sympathies to the O’Hagan family, who can be found living at 30 Garden Street in Magherafelt. Anne passed away recently, and the club is saddened by the news. Joe O’Hagan, a former footballer who was on the team that triumphed in the County Junior Championship in 1968, is married to Anne. Joe was a member of the squad that triumphed. Joe O’Hagan was a contributing part of the squad that ultimately prevailed and claimed the title. Joe was an important member of the team that ended up winning the championship, and he contributed to the team’s success.

Anne Murray was the aunt of current players Ryan Murray, Hydan Murray, Megan Murray, and Lachlan Murray. In addition to being the sister of former player Hugh Frank Murray, Anne Murray was also the sister of former player Hugh Frank Murray. Additionally, Hugh Frank Murray, a former player, was Anne Murray’s brother. Anne Murray was his sister. I hope that she is finally able to find the peace and quiet that she deserves for the entirety of eternity. Anne Murray, who passed away at the residence located at 30 Garden Street, was the devoted wife of Joe Murray and the doting mother of the couple’s daughters Michelle and Kathy.

Anne Murray was loved by everybody who knew her. Garden Street was the location of Anne Murray’s passing (McCabe). In addition, she was the grandmother of Nathan, Calum, and Joshua, in addition to Anna, Isla-Roise, and Eva. She passed away in the year 2002. Noah was chosen to be the name of her family’s eighth grandson. Anne Murray was the beloved daughter of Bella and John Murray, who had both passed away by the time she was born. She was also the treasured sister of Veronica Mitchell, Hugh Frank, Paddy, and Mary Murray, all of whom had also passed away. Anne Murray was likewise the only member of her family to have made it out alive.

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