Anna Martin Obituary, Anna Martin Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Anna Martin obituary

Anna MartinĀ  Death, obituary – On December 29th, 1924, in the town of Reidsville, located in the state of North Carolina, Anna Matkins was brought into this world. By the time she was born into this world, both of her parents, John Matkins and Sarah Matkins, had already left this world. Her maternal and paternal grandparents, both of her parents, and all five of her brothers and sisters had already left the country before she did. She was the last member of her family to leave. They raised two children: Dianne Martin Mode Lyle, who has also moved out, and Barry G. Martin, Sr., who is currently residing in Reidsville.

Both of their children have already left the residence. However, since then, not a single one of their children has remained with us. Both of them were married by the departed Garthan Martin of Eden before he left for his journey. He spent his entire life in Eden as a citizen of that city. Anna, who was a member of the Leaksville Moravian Church and had been there for a good number of years, never said “no” to an opportunity to serve her Lord in any way, regardless of the type of the service that was being offered to her. An interest in mathematics that has lasted a lifetime and an extensive professional history,

which includes spending 45 years working as a cost accountant for Karastan, led to the successful pursuit of a part-time position in the tax department at H&R Block in Eden. This position is in the city of Eden. After her departure, it will be her children Barry “Butch” Martin, Jr., Ronda Elliot, and Darrell Mode, along with a significant number of her great-grandchildren, who are responsible for carrying on her legacy and paying respect to her memory. She was her father Barry Martin and her mother Marie Martin’s daughter. Her father’s name was Martin, and her mother’s name was Martin.

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