Andrew Ballard Obituary, Oshkosh Wisconsin, has died – Death

Andrew Ballard Obituary, Oshkosh Wisconsin, has died - Death

Andrew Ballard Obituary, Death – On October 30, 1977, Andrew was brought into this world in Anniston, Alabama. He went to Jacksonville High School, where he and his identical twin brother Matthew, who had passed away before him, were two of the most well-known students in the class of 1996. He passed away in 2006. After completing his high school education, he enrolled at Jacksonville State University. Andrew was the epitome of a people person, and his love of labor led him to pursue careers in which he could interact with others.

began succeeding in positions of leadership and providing service to customers when they were still in high school. He was a natural at interacting with others, and his talent for doing so served him well in all of the positions he held as well as in the long-lasting friendships he established over the course of his life. Andrew was someone who lived life to the absolute fullest. Baking was one of his many talents, and he enjoyed music, reading, going on adventures with his beloved dog Ally, and traveling.

He also had a passion for discovering new locations. He had a kind heart and was genuinely sincere, and he enjoyed lending a hand to those in need. The thing that Andrew enjoyed most in life was getting together with his friends and family. He was extraordinarily loyal to his family and had an unusual connection with Matthew, his brother and “other half.” They were united in their enthusiasm for the football teams of Alabama and Jacksonville State University.

The energy that Andrew brought into a room with his masterful storytelling, fun sense of humor, and contagious laugh made the space come alive. Andrew’s captivating charisma drew people to him and helped him cultivate a large number of friendships that would last a lifetime. He had a pure heart and considered his buddies to be a part of his family. He was as faithful as they come and was willing to sacrifice anything for the individuals he cared about the most.

His twin brother, Matthew Ballard, his grandparents James and Mary Lou Ballard, Reford and Louise Weldon, and Catherine Griffith, as well as his uncle and aunt William “Buddy” and Jean Weldon, all passed away before him. He was the last surviving member of his immediate family. In addition to this, he was taken from this world by a large number of beloved great aunts and uncles.

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