Amanda Altman Obituary, White Marsh fire victim identified – Death

Amanda Altman Obituary, White Marsh fire victim identified - Death

Amanda Altman Death, Obituary – The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner was able to determine the identity of the person who perished in a devastating fire that occurred around two and a half weeks ago at White Marsh. The blaze took place in the area of the White Marsh Naval Hospital. The occurrence was found to have occurred in an apartment complex. Amanda Nicole Altman, 41 years old, was the lone victim to pass away in the blaze that broke out in the townhouse on November 20 and required two alarms to put out. She called White Marsh her home and was a resident there. She was a resident of the Wolf Trap Court apartment complex at one point in time.

The identification of the female victim was apparently confirmed by authorities on November 30th, according to statements made by the administration of Baltimore County, which stated that the identification of the victim had been confirmed. On the morning of November 20, at 3:44 in the morning, firefighters from Baltimore County were called to a townhome located in the White Marsh neighborhood of Baltimore County that was reported to be on fire. The townhome was located in the middle of the group. The townhouse might be found on Wolf Trap Court within the unit block of that street. The authorities reported that the townhouse was completely engulfed in flames when the first workers arrived.

The fire had already begun when the first workers arrived. After receiving news that there may be a woman who is stranded within the house, the mission was refocused from one of search and discovery to one of rescue and evacuation after the team realized that the woman may be trapped inside the building. According to a press statement issued by the county government, fire investigators with the Baltimore County Police Department have established beyond a reasonable doubt that the fire began on the rear deck of the townhome where it was initially discovered. The investigation into what caused the fire to begin is still ongoing; however, it has not been possible to determine the specific reason why it occurred despite the investigation’s best efforts.

In the wee hours of the morning, namely at 3:53, a second alert was sent out to be acknowledged and responded to. The fire at the residence was brought under control, and once it was, firefighters and investigators located Altman, who was found to have passed away on the first floor of the house, according to the officials. The victim is said to have suffered severe thermal injuries as a result of the fire. The blaze that broke out in the home has been brought under control. The amount of damage caused by the incident was estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $750,000 by the investigators who looked into the matter. The damage was so severe, as stated by the authorities, that it extended to all three of the townhomes that were situated in the surrounding area.

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