Alex Mcguire Indiana Obituary, Alex Mcguire has died – Death

Alex Mcguire Indiana Obituary, Alex Mcguire has died - Death

Alex Mcguire Obituary, Death –¬†Alex McGuire had only turned 16 years old when he was tragically taken from this world on February 18, 2022. He had been a resident of Fairmount City up until the time of his terrible death, which occurred on that date. Clarion, Pennsylvania served as the birthplace for Jason Monrean and Alison (Mills) Monrean’s first child, who was brought into the world on September 27, 2005. This was the first child that the couple had together.

At the time of his birth, he was given the names of both his mother and his father. When we first met Alex at Redbank Valley High School, he was a student there and had recently begun the tenth grade at the time of our encounter. Activities such as hunting, farming, riding dirt motorcycles, and spending time outside in general are some of his favorite ways to pass the time. In addition to that, he enjoyed the time that he was able to spend with his family and friends, participating in animated conversation and enjoying hilarious exchanges.

This was time that he was able to cherish. His parents, Jason and Alison Monrean, who live in Fairmount City, as well as his brother, Anthony McGuire, and two sisters, Makayla and Makenna Monrean, are among the surviving members of his family. He is survived by his family. Additionally, the victim’s aunt and uncle were present in the building at the time of the shooting as well. On the 20th of February 2022, the family held a visitation in honor of the family member who had passed away at the Alcorn Funeral Home in Hawthorn.

The visitation was held for the family’s guests. The occurrence was one that took occurred in the year 2022. The occasion was held at the Salem Cemetery in Frogtown, which served as the venue for the ceremony that was held there. Please make checks payable to the CVF Farm Bureau and send them to 386 Shoup Road, Knox, Pennsylvania 16232, if you would like to make a donation in Alex’s honor. It would be really appreciated if you checked to see that the CVF Farm Bureau was listed as the payee on the checks. If you would like to pay with a check, we ask that you make it out to the CVF Farm Bureau and include your name and address on the memo line.

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