Alan Schwartz Obituary Highland Park IL, An American academic administrator, researcher, and former athlete had died – Death

Alan Schwartz Obituary Highland Park IL, An American academic administrator, researcher, and former athlete had died - Death

Alan Schwartz Obituary, Death –  After learning of Dr. Tony Waldrop’s passing, my entire being is filled with an overwhelming sense of loss. The same year that I was elected President of the Student Government Association (SGA), Dr. Waldrop began his tenure as President of the University of South Alabama. We invested a lot of time in one another as we figured out how to navigate our new roles and looked for ways that we could both improve the overall student experience. Both Dr. Waldrop and Dr. Julee made me feel welcome at any and all of their events with open arms. They invited me to their house for dinners several times. He invited me to call in at his office whenever it was convenient for me, even if it was just to say hello. During the middle of the school day, he gave me permission to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by pouring ice water from a bucket over him and Dr. Julee.

In 2015, we commemorated the March in Selma, which had been going on for half a century. Both Dr. Waldrop and Dr. Julee extended an invitation to accompany them on their excursion to Selma, Alabama, where we would engage in historical activities. In addition to that, he made it a priority to send an entire bus load of students, faculty, and staff members. We had such a wonderful time together. The entire time we were in the car together, Dr. Julee and I couldn’t stop laughing. At the home of one of his friends in Selma, where we were having brunch, our host filled us in on the fascinating past of the neighborhood. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were in attendance. Even the bridge was walked over by both of us. Because Dr. Waldrop provided me with opportunities I could have never imagined having, I want to share these memories with you.

Whenever I voiced my concerns, he made sure to pay attention. He made changes happen. He had such a humble and friendly demeanor. He made my senior year so enjoyable. He felt concerned about the pupil. Both he and Dr. Julee showed genuine concern for my accomplishments and acted as references for me when I applied to graduate school and when I first began my career as a professor. I decided to pursue a career in higher education and for a while I had the ambition to become the President of a university, primarily due to his leadership. He was a precious gem. I count myself extremely fortunate to have known him and to have been able to spend a lot of time with him. He will be sorely missed in all that we do. My thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Julee and all of their family members. Always a Jaguar, Even After Being a Jaguar

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