Adela Hurtado Obituary, Toddler Dies In Accident On Thanksgiving – Death

Adela Hurtado Obituary

Adela Catalina Hurtado Death, Obituary – After it was found that the little child had been struck by a family member who was driving a car on Thanksgiving, the office of the coroner in Kern County, California, judged the death of the toddler to have been the result of an accident. The death of the youngster might be traced back to the member of the family.

There was a member of the family driving the car when the incident took place; they were unaware of what had happened. It was found that the person died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head, which ultimately led to their departure and was the cause of death. According to a press statement that was published by the coroner’s office and made accessible to the public, Adela Catalina Hurtado was supposedly walking in the 500 block of Adams Street when she was hit by a vehicle.

The statement was made public and made available to the public. These specifics were taken from a report that was subsequently incorporated into the statement that was presented earlier. She passed away at the Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, which is also the location where she spent her last moments before passing away. According to a statement that the California Highway Patrol issued to the press, the incident took place in the morning of November 24 in the 500 block of Adam Street.

This information was provided by the statement. At the time that the event took place, the family was extremely busy with getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. The setting in which the incident took place was a location in which this was the case. According to a press statement that was released by the California Highway Patrol, Hurtado was parked behind a 2004 Ford Mustang when an 18-year-old guy who “didn’t observe the child” got into the vehicle. This information was included in the news statement (CHP).

The California Highway Patrol was kind enough to provide this information (CHP). The incident took place when the driver was backing up and hit the youngster, causing the child to incur a brain injury as a result of the collision, as stated in the news release. It was reported that the driver stated that the incident had taken place. Because of this, the vehicle came to a stop, and the people who were inside got out to find out what had occurred.

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